Lovely lashes for a luscious look!  Eyelash extensions are the new wave of style.  Comfortable and durable, lash extensions give you that wonderful "finished" look without a ton of daily work.

Classic Eyelash Extensions - 
From $150
Synthetic lashes attached individually and directly to your own lashes.  A beautiful and natural look.

Lash Lifting - From $65
Take your natural lashes to the next level with an eyelash perm.  This safe and gentle service accentuates the eyes with gorgeous customized curl.

Eyelash Tinting - From $25 
Wish your natural lashes could make a little stronger appearance?  Lash tinting makes your eyelashes pop!

Custom Fashion Color Lash Extensions - From $160
Instant "wow factor" for your lashes.  Vivid eyelash colors to suit your bold personality.

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